Veterans Cemetery

Phase I of the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery provided rough grading and infrastructure improvements including 250,000 cubic yards of dirt that was moved to contour hillside terrain. A 325’ long x 32’ high mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall was cut into a steep mountainside creating the flag assembly area. This area features an 80’ flagpole visible throughout the Treasure Valley. Access to the flag assembly area was provided by the construction of a new roadway. In addition, 2,200 double burial concrete crypts were pre-placed and backfilled with topsoil. The disturbed 80-acre area was hydro seeded with natural native grasses.

Phase II of the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery consisted of placing gravel and asphalt on hillside roadway, storm drain system, concrete valley gutter and catch basin. MSE retaining wall was encased in shotcrete. The shotcrete was carved and then stained to appear as natural limestone.

Phase III of the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery consisted of the construction of the following buildings: administration, wash bay, maintenance shop, committal shelter and columbarium/restroom plaza. Two thousand columbarium niches were installed with granite cover faces and architectural precast concrete caps. A complete landscape/irrigation system was installed along with the construction of a geomembrane-lined reservoir and two pump stations. This work included 500,000 sq. ft. of sod, 800 tons of rock landscape boulders, 200 tons of cut sandstone for retaining walls and 50 tons of cut sandstone incorporated for masonry veneer on buildings, entrance walls, and columbarium plaza. New entry road, water main, fire hydrant, sewer line and pump station was installed from entry point at old Highway 55. 5,400 l/f of concrete curb and gutter along with 1,500 l/f of ribbon curb was installed in conjunction with 178,500 sf of paving. Cast bronze monuments representing all divisions of armed services were mounted on granite boulders located in the flag assembly area. 59 removable flagpoles were installed along the entry way and outlining the MIA flag and fountain island. A computerized gravesite information kiosk was installed for visitor assistance.